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Aakash Productions was founded in 2002 by Shabuddin Chowdari to distribute video rights of movies in the Middle Eastern region. In 2004 the company expanded its territories to become a production house for documentary films like the one about Adam’s peak and Devi’s falls one the most unexplored areas in the world. Shabuddin Chowdari directed innumerable documentaries on the various countries of the world like Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan Uzbekistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Brunei, Bosnia, Maldives etc.
Aakash Productions entered the Indian film industry in the year 2005 as a distribution company. It acquired rights of hundreds of Hindi movies and TV serials from the leading producers and TVchannels of the country like Sony, Sahara, Star plus B4U and many more. In the process company developed into a production area, developing major titles in various genres for film, serials and animation.
Completed / Ready projects
Aakash Productions has completed (i) “Yeh dil ke Rishtey” an episodic family drama series for televised on national TV. (ii) Pop Corn non dialogue series 100 episodes aired on sun TV (30min/100), (iii) Fitrath Khatija live action drama series 150 episodes aired on SAMA TV and KSA2 TV (45min/150), (iv) Documentaries about 100 Hours like Davis Falls, Adam’s Peak, Natural Aquarium Maldives, Unexploded Bali Indonesia etc. A 90 minutes film of Aakash Productions “Wonder Champ (the time immemorial)” is ready for release, now the company is planning to start its Promotion soon.
Animation Studio
Post Production Studio
Post Production Studio
Pipeline Projects
1. In Animation division :
Today Aakash Productions has some major in house projects in its pipeline viz, “Ali Baba Chalis Chor” a mammoth animation episodic in production, ”zuza zuza” a comical animated series and “Wonder Champ (the time immemorial)” one of the biggest animated episodic production of season one of 52 episodes involving over a hundred characters and an entire new world which has been created that consists of more than 50 massive locations, 3 Stupids -CG Animation Filler, 3rd W Full- Length VFX movie, Mystery of Guyana Full- Length VFX movie, Jhansi Ki Rani, Titu Ka Tuta Ghar- CG Animation movie,” All the projects in the pipeline and the ones completed are backed up by a strong storyline with intriguing plots, quality animation and visual effects.
2. In daily soap production division :
Today Aakash Production is working on few series which will soon go on air.
Present Infrastructure :
Aakash Productions Animation Studio -
Aakash Production’s Animation Studios currently located in a 3000 sq. ft fully-equipped office with high end equipments at Goregaon West and Andheri West Mumbai India. Currently Aakash Production has over 100 people working in the studio – a multi-faceted, international team whose individual career backgrounds include art, games, television, design, commercials and feature film. The team is built up out of professionals with extensive experience and expertise in the field of film production and modern technology. The main aim of Aakash Productions is to raise the industry standards in film making both in live action and animation in terms of storytelling and technical brilliance.
Animation Studio
Animation Studio
Animation Studio
Aakash Productions Post-production Studio - Aakash Production’s Post-production Studios is equipped to fully control the real and virtual film set and offers a full range of video deliverables including dailies in full HD quality, DCP packages with KDM, timed subtitles and audio, HD and SD MASTERS stereo music mixes, 5.1 music mixes, Dolby MO Disc (Dolby SR, Dolby Digital, Dolby EX) and final sound for TV and DVD versions of film. Dailies can be delivered in any form, e.g. as DV, DVD, DigiBeta, or HDCamSR by broadband Internet transfer. DCP package is complete with KDM, timed subtitles, and audio. Moreover, we can also provide the client with DCI 16 bit Xyz Tiff. The Post-production Studios provides Video masters HD and SD MASTERS:HDCam SR (SRW-5000) DigitalBeta PAL (DVWM-2000P) DVCam PAL (DSR 1800P) DVD and Blu-ray authoring: if requested by the client, Aakash Productions Studios can prepare material for DVD and Blu-ray authoring.The Post-production Studios offers the following audio deliverables: stereo music mixes, 5.1 music mixes, dialogue stems, audio effects stems music stems, M&E for international versions, dialogue pre-mixes for further film postproduction audio effects pre-mixes for further film postproduction, final sound for TV and DVD versions of films, M&E for TV and DVD international versions
Aakash productions Post Production studio also offers:
i) Corporate Services -
TV Commercial Services, Presentation Demos, Training Videos, Corporate Video Editing, Transfer Services, Graphic Design
ii) Consumer Services -
Transfer Services, Scrapbook Videos, Family History Video, Duplication Services, Graphic Design, iPod Loading
iii) Transfer Services -
Video Tape to DVD, Movie Films to DVD, Photo Slides to DVD, Scrapbook Videos, Records/Cassettes to CD, Reel-to-Reel to CD, Video Editing Services, Print-On-Discs (POD
iv) Video Production -
On-Location Video, Music Video & Production, Video Resumes, Transfer Services, Media Format Converts, Online Video Hosting, TV Commerical Services, DVD Duplication Servies, Video Gallery
v) Audio Production -
Transfer Services, Voice-Over Services, CD Master Creation, CD Duplication Service
vi) Duplication Service -
Duplication / Replication, Process, Standard Packaging, Innovative Packaging
vii) Film Restoration
viii) 3D Architectural, Product Design, Industrial Design, Character Animation, Medical Illustration & Animation
ix) Advertising - Logo Animation, Special Effects, TV Commercials
x) Games - Mobile Games, Online Games, PC Games
Future Targets :
a. In animation division -
Aakash production will move to a new studio of 21,000 sq ft which is under construction in Mumbai India with seating capacity of 1000 creative’s and technicians which have facility of highly technologically advanced equipment
b. In daily soap production division -
Aakash production is also having vision that at least 3 daily shop should be on air at any time by the end of 2013.
c. In Film production division -
Currently working on various scripts soon announce its project
d. In Post-production Studio -
Currently searching location to start its new post production studio. Which will also have facility of highly technologically advanced equipment.
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