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AUL  have professional solution of ability and the technical support ability, in the high performance cluster computing double machine fault tolerant, great capacity data storage, etc. We have a complete product line and perfect technical support to provide our customers with the face different application workstations, servers and storage solutions, on-demand position.
Based on lenticular lens technology, 46” glasses-free 3D AD player is with bigger size and higher brightness, available for indoor and outdoor spacious environment. It is important component of subway, airport, new media, high-end brand stores to enhance exhibition value for its excellent 3D effects and creative glasses-free view technology. Undoubtedly, it is more shocking and has a strong impact in image highlight and content compared with existing plane 3D display. Vivid image and sense of immersive pave the way for creative images, making consumers very excited.
Higher brightness compared with the products made by current world's major 3D display manufacturers, without any request on light conditions, available for various places.
High Definition: specialized algorithm removes most of moire, both eyes receive the video images without obstacle, feeling as you were right on the scene.
Application areas: exhibition show, airport advertising media, chain stores, business hall, corporate showrooms, museums, science museums, and finance, etc.
GPU computing processors turn standard PCs and workstations into personal supercomputers. Based on the GPU architecture codenamed Fermi Architecture for High-Performance Computing  GPUs feature more than 500 gigaflops of double precision performance, 1 teraflop of single precision performance, ECC memory error protection, and L1 and L2 caches. GPGPU processors for workstations deliver cluster level performance right at your desk.
AUL Workstations are the standard throughout the professional design industry (Computer Aided Design, Digital Content Creation, Manufacturer, Visual Effects). Uniquely designed to provide the ultimate in Power & Stability AUL workstations are engineered to excel in the most demanding of professional environments.
High Performance 64Bit Single & Multi Processors (Dual & Quad-Core)
The very latest OpenGL graphics sub-systems from ATI & NVIDIA
Large memory capacities (up to 96GB)
1000's of GB's (Gigabytes) of local hard disk storage (SATA2, SAS, Fibre)
All individually custom built to order and not to stock!
IMAGINE Workstations
Ultimate CAD/CAM/CAE, DCC ,MAYA 3DMAX & VFX workstations designed using the very latest programmable OpenGL workstation graphic cards from NVIDIA (NVIDIA Quadro® FX). Available with a variety of specifications individually designed to your exact requirements.
AUL Blade RXGT Render Nodes are powerful 1U dedicated rendering and visualization solutions. Designed to improve and help reduce the production and creative time lines they combine massive amounts of processing power (up to 16x CPU cores) into a very small enclosure (just 43mm in height). Available with a variety of both Intel® or AMD® 64bit processors (Dual & Quad-Core), large amounts of memory (up to 96GB) and an array of Windows operating systems these rack mountable rendering systems provide a competitive advantage to anyone that produces high resolution imagery.
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